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Mythos Games Raffle FAQ

Mythos Games does raffle drawings every Friday. Here are some frequently asked questions:

What time do you do the drawings? 
A: On Friday's between 1pm-7pm. Sometimes we get busy with projects and store work so we allow ourselves a bit of a window to get the results posted.

How can I get a raffle ticket? 
A: Here are the ways to get tickets:

1) Attend in store events listed on our calendar
2) Follow us on Instagram or Facebook
3) Write us a Google review. It does not even need to be 5 stars, just an honest review of your experience here. 
4) Join our community Discord server
5) Clean up your table and area and let us know on the way out after playing here

What can I win?
A: This changes from time to time but for the most part we give away store credit in amounts of $5, $10, $15, & $25! 

How long do I have to claim my prize? 
A: You have one week from the day we post your winning ticket to come in, turn in your ticket and claim your prize. 

I have a winning ticket, can I just call in? 
A: Nope, you must bring the physical ticket in to us to claim your prize. 

Are there any other ways for me or my kids to get a raffle ticket? 
A: Absolutely! We give away tickets to people all the time for positive things we see in the store. Some examples would be; cleaning up after yourselves or others, tucking in chairs, random acts of kindness for others, picking up garbage you see on the floor, or just general positive community behavior.