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RPG Showcase Event!

Would you love to run a table where everyone is a cat, doing cat-things or maybe even a dust bunny, living your best life under the couch & running from the terrible “var-raw-cum’, but can’t find a group to play with?

Ever wanted to try a sci-fi or horror themed roleplaying game, but had no idea where to even start?

Have YOU created the next best thing for RPGs & just need to get it in front of the community for it to take-off!?!

Well then, the Mythos Games RPG Showcase just might be what you've been looking for! Saturday, April 27th w
e are hosting an event that will highlight the different systems, themes, & genres available for roleplaying games! From any number of play systems to homebrew, icon sci-fi to high-fantasy setting, and family friendly to horror themes; if you're excited about playing it, we'd love to give you a space to find folks that might also be, pardon the pun, game!

Just a few of the things we'll be highlighting on Saturday: 

Kevin Pomeroy - God Complex 

God Complex is an Urban Fantasy d6 homebrew TTRPG revolving around the idea that some figures from myth and legend still exist in our modern world, and players assume the role of Elysians, or new gods!
Created to consider the shifts in table-top gaming, specifically narrative storytelling, that some other popular systems may lack, as well as addressing the complexities of scheduling, the ultimate downfall of many ongoing campaigns; God Complex is a unique setting and system that can be played as-is or modified to use with other TTRPG. 
Looking for: Play-testers, both players and GMs welcome! At least one ongoing campaign, as well as one-shots and demos. 
Additional Info: The Basic Rules on Tabletop Mirror at: community can be found at:

Kira & Derek Salgy - Magi-Knights Awakening

Magi-Knights Awakening is the 5e Magical Girl and Sentai TTRPG! Play students in the 1990s and balance friendships and schoolwork while fighting off Cthulhu Mythos-inspired enemies as Magi-Knights!
Although there are other Japanese media-based TTRPGs, Magi-Knights Awakening stands out because it focuses solely on the team-oriented, evil-thwarting teenagers and young adults that everyone loves in Sentai (such as Power Rangers) and Magical Girl (such as Sailor Moon) media. It also takes place in the mid-1990s, which, for those of us that grew up in that time, will be a rare opportunity to relive nostalgic memories. The game system itself is also unique because it was developed on the "bones" of the familiar D&D 5e system, but introduces many new mechanics, particularly ones that encourage the players and the Game Master to all work together. 
Looking for: Players!
Additional Info: Website: Check out their social media, listed at the bottom of the page

Cory Cook - Star Wars RPG

Star Wars is an icon brand and now there is a system dedicated to incorporating the aspects of the Star Wars universe that people love into a TTRPG!
From Speeder chases and dogfights against enemy tie fighters, to unraveling the mysteries of the force as a surviving Jedi Padawan, this Star Wars system allows you to live out the fantasies you've had since you were a kid! It uses rules and dice of the standard Genesys RPG system (but with Star Wars flair and mechanics added) to promote a focus on the narrative during game sessions, reminiscent of the big set pieces seen in the Star Wars movies, TV shows, and video games. 
Looking for: Players!
Additional Info: SWRPG community website is a fan run community site that hosts fan-made adventures and sourcebooks along with printouts of various physical materials that a GM or player can utilize

Mason Emerson - Youth Savage World Adventures

Dust Bunnies/Monster Hunters Club/Pinebox, TX Middle School are all kid-friendly TTRPGs run & sponsored by ACE Roleplaying Games Clubs!
ACE stands for "Achieve, Create, and Entertain" and is focused on helping teenagers set up their own roleplaying game clubs by teaching them how to play, run, and create TTRPGs. Kid and New Player-friendly, ACE encourages teens to be the heroes in their own stories; building confidence and friendships along the way.
Looking for: Players and GMs!
Additional Info: ACE Roleplaying Games Club

Kyle Lind - Shatterscapes

Shatterscapes is written as a system-agnostic core rules supplement; inspired by the do-it-yourself spirit of the Old School Renaissance and recognizing that many people have worked hard to create their own RPG systems. This supplement is a standalone resource that can not only be used to create a custom homebrew games, but is also compatible with D&D 5E, Vampire the Masquerade, Star Wars RPG, and a wide variety of other systems!
In a series of small bite sized chunks, Shatterscapes includes rules and rule-sets which can be plucked out, taken out of context, used to enhance nearly any game you already have, or be used to produce an entirely new RPG in less than 20 minutes of work!
Looking for: Players and GMs!
Additional Info: Check out more info at
And that's not all! 

We'll also be sharing the brand new & locally created Furhaven, an all-ages animal/forest themed RPG! Furhaven is a 5th edition campaign set in the world of Aloria, where you create and play adorable animal adventurers. Furs, Feathers, Scales, and Phibs all work together to face the dangers posed by monsters, undead and ravenous Arachnids. There are many dangerous areas of the world to be explored and many heroic adventurers to be had.

Come check out what all the RPG hypes about & see if there's a game for you or better yet, be the Spokesperson, speaking passionately about what makes a particular game your to-go, when sitting down to or running, an RPG. Bring in your resources, supplements, or creations to showoff & talk up; if you find folks that would be interested in a getting together, we'll get their info and set up time here at the Shop to run your game in our Private Room! 

No registration is required to come & see what's being showcased, just a friendly attitude & curiosity. If you are interested in being a Spokesperson, register to let us know & we'll follow up with details via email.


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