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Singularity - Pre Launch Playtest

We are excited to host a playtest for Octothorpe's upcoming card game, Singularity! Game designers from Octothorpe will be here to teach how to play, so no prior knowledge is needed.

Singularity is an upcoming competitive card game that plays like no other, with no shuffling, no hand, and no randomness. It features incredibly tight balance, tons of opportunity to get creative through deck building, and a beautiful universe steeped with lore.

Singularity is the game of total control -- every choice and accompanying consequence is your own. In Singularity, there are no wins or losses due to bad draws, every turn has strategic depth, and every outcome comes from player decisions. Get ready for a true test of your deck building creativity and strategic skill.

The anticipated launch date for the title is early 2023.
Skill Details:

Singularity - Pre Launch Playtest